August 16, 2011

Social Media: A Dream in the Making With Google+

I hate to say it, but in terms of new social networking site Google +, I'm still skeptic. Even this new offering of Google has certain drawbacks that were absent in its predecessor Google Wave.
Google Wave was in its time a very interesting technology. The combination of social networks (in the form in which it existed in 2009), e-mail applications, groupware and technology-driven content sharing experience and promise of usefulness was better, although they were contemporary competitive separate systems. It was very tempting. Most importantly, in light of the then Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, it looked like a welcome evolutionary step.
However, Google Wave did not die. Actually the competitors were "just better". On the contrary, in many technological aspects several competitors simply vanished or because they hardly generated any interest with their features. Wave service started with much hope and aspirations but its inner flaws obstructed its potentiality.
However, there remained some flaws in the new concept. It allowed limited access to the service at a time when the buzz reached its peak. Google played down the part when everyone wanted it and when the demand reached its peak. Moreover, those few who accessed the Wave soon discovered that there is nothing substantial in it. The Wave simply ended.
With Google social +, Google has come up with a grand new offering to catch the imagination of millions of social networking users. In appearance it looks like social networking major Facebook but offers enhanced features. After the Wave and Orkut, Google + is helping to bring back excitement for Google's social networking initiatives. Sending invitations to join this site is like warming up the audience who throngs the gallery at the football ground. Moreover, Android application has already implemented it. However, to retain this buzz in the longer run, Google has to take necessary steps and make Google + user-friendly.
The success of Facebook can be traced to its number of daily visitors and huge volume of posted content. Google + can become a full-fledged social networking site with "all in one" features, but faulty strategies can spoil its party like that of the wave. Its success will depend upon how Google sets initial conditions and if "limited testing" period soon leads to open its door to mass public. Easy accessibility remains a key of success behind social networking sites. Otherwise it could be the situation once again where crowds huddle outside the door, screaming at each other and desperately searching for way to enter inside. If such scenario occurs, then Google+ will lose its appeal, otherwise it has great future.
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Social Media Marketing: New Features to Take Promotional Initiatives Further Ahead

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One of the major advantages of social media is that it strongly supports the idea of divorcing and distributing data and multimedia. Their contents fully support the online campaigns of their users. Each contribution, whether it takes the form of image, text or anything else that might be a shout into the void acts as an inspiring source of debate that ends somewhere else than that of original source.
This fact is genuinely hated part of marketers who would like to fully utilize social media as well, in the same lime line of other "media". But, often the media buzz takes things matters out of our controls. In such situations we often prefer 'silence' over unwanted publicity as we do not want to be influenced by anyone other than ourselves. Despite such fears, the professional marketers as well as ordinary people have found saviors in social networking platforms such as Facebook.
seo service indiaFacebook recently introduced an interactive feature that allows users to add comments to the posts in multimedia elements. It is simply appealing to the millions of users as the generated thumbnail image or the integrated video player looks simply wonderful and most importantly it enhances the usage rate and user participation level of such media. When the users comment on the posts, they often put their URL addresses in the comment fields thus they ensure a both-way promotions. Easy-to-use interactive aspects ensure better user experience and generate more traffic to the promoted links.
Online media now plays manifold roles. They have virtually ushered in a revolution in maintaining two-way communication with the target groups. Interactive features act as a mechanism for developing quality discussion on Facebook. The themes will also witness major changes in the coming times. The discussion and feedback of Facebook visitors will play major role in dramatically modifying present features. No doubt, users' experience and their opinions will make social networking platforms vibrant and flexible enough.
The major changes in social networking platforms will tremendously help Facebook marketers. Enriched with improved interactive features they will find it compelling to extensively use online social networking sites and enjoy greater level of flexibility and control over their postings. They are the ones for whom Facebook will become much more active site and offer the users with a plethora of multimedia wonders.
The ability to add multimedia to comment or postings on Facebook is undoubtedly a unique aspect of social networking blitz but it needs careful utilization of the new offerings. It needs intense effort and strong nerves to succeed in the new platform of corporate war.
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August 11, 2011

After Google Chrome13, Safari 5.1 and Firefox6 are set to take Browsing Experience further.

     * Users are now being offered with new versions of Google Chrome 13 and Apple Safari 5.1; although they do not bring an abundance of news, but some attractions are still found in them. On the horizon, there is new excitement of competition.

Google Chrome 13 with Instant Pages

Google keeps spewing high rate of new versions of its web browser. A new version of Google Chrome (Google Chrome 13) has been launched just a few weeks before its third birthday. Google has established itself as a brand in the web vertical but it will be not a great celebration to commemorate the arrival of the new version.
Google Chrome 13 as a brand new product provides instant support for Pages and contains added features compliant with Google search engine. Google Chrome 13 automatically loads front pages from the search result. When the user decides to move them, it displays pages much faster than before. The result appears within a few seconds; hence it is more pleasant to work with search engine.
Google Chrome 13 further provides the users and the developers with sufficient time and an equally long preview function before printing. If the user decides to print a web article, it displays the article with a print preview along with settings option. One can choose the printer and the print range respectively, number of pages, number of copies, duplex printing, distribution of printed page (portrait, landscape), or switch between monochrome and color printing.

Google Chrome 13 finally supports print preview

Nice new feature has the ability to print to PDF file, which is very handy alternative to store complete websites for later viewing offline. In addition to adding new features Google repaired and found bugs, including security. Google Chrome 13 brings three dozen patches. Fourteen of them are rated as highly important.

Safari 5.1 with better security

Another novelty in the field of web browsers is Safari 5.1, which is again available for both home Mac OS X and MS Windows. Apple worked on the security of your browser and users of the new Mac OS X 10.7, codenamed Lion is now safe to surf the web offers a sandbox too. This isolates web pages viewed by the system and should thus keeping at bay the marauding code pages, which, for example, attempted to take control over the system.
A novelty in the field of security is also there as new Privacy tab in the browser settings. Apple moved to a place to set cookies and transfer of information on the location, added button to immediately delete the data stored on disk and web sites to the data, especially cookies are also can be managed typically. The user can delete cookies and cache only for selected pages.
A brand new feature is the Reading List, where you can save links to interesting articles that the user wants to read later. Add this page to the list, you can use the new button with the glasses on the bar tabs. This also shows and hides the sidebar, which links to the articles to read later. Always there is the article title, icon and name the source site and a snippet from the article.

Safari 5.1 brings Reading List, so that the user can return to an interesting article later when it suits him.

In other news we can mention the automatic renewal of the previous session. Under Mac OS X 10.7 it is done automatically, under other systems it can be activated in your browser settings. New Mac OS X 10.7 aka Lion is then related news such as the display mode is full screen, browser controls the multi-touch gestures and hardware accelerated canvas.


Firefox 6.0 with better privacy

Mozilla announced that new Firefox 6 comes out on August 16, 2011. What users can look forward to? Administrator privileges look interesting. From one place, go to specific sites prevent or allow the storage of passwords, cookies, logging or forwarding of information on the geographic location, causing pop-ups. It also offers quick access to manage stored passwords or stored cookies can also be easily and quickly removed.

Administrator privileges, the main novelty in Firefox 6, lies beneath about: permissions.
As a preventive protection against various fraudulent websites with the new address bar will highlight domain on the web page will run. The Add-In Manager returns a reference to the timeliness of service enabling check of installed plug-ins. For developers new tool is ready scratchpad to be a better alternative to the command line between the popular Firebug developers.
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August 10, 2011

Software Development Companies - The Current Scenario

Information Technology is steadily spreading its reach over every aspect of daily life. Judging from this angle, software development field has gained substantial importance in recent times. Massive development in IT sector has instigated several countries to ride on its all-conquering chariot. India sits pretty well among these premier software-development countries. India's meteoric rise as a "super power in making" owes much to the IT research and development arena.
Indian software companies have crossed the national boundary to grab a strong pie of global IT market. Backed by in-depth knowledge in diverse technologies, Indian IT/'ITES'(IT Enabled Services) professionals have firmly established their marks in services like 'SEM'(Search Engine Marketing), website design, web application development, e-commerce, web hosting and so on. Software development companies in India have also created a niche in the market with their cutting-edge solutions for ultra-modern mobile platforms. Thanks to their contributions, mobile phones now can be doubly used in multiple fields like online commerce, e-banking, keeping track of general fitness, availing latest updates from stock market, navigating through little known roads while driving and several other sophisticated tasks with pin-point accuracy.

Rich talent pool with proficiency in English has acted in favor of Indian software companies. Moreover, developing bespoke software to suit clients' specific requirements, cost-effective solutions and the advantages of 'ODC' (Offshore Development Center) have emerged as the driving force behind the Information Technology boom in this country. Besides, India never lacks of brilliant students who complete their graduation with math and computer science. So the supply of professionals with strong logical thinking ability never ceases to the technical fields. According to a report, IT / 'ITES' industry contributed more than 5% of the national GDP, back in the year 2007. This figure has no doubt substantially increased within the past few years.

Information Technology field is all set to experience a major push forward as the government sectors are slowly but gradually turning into the atmosphere of e-governance. More and more educational institutes are opting for Information Technology Enabled Services. The task of the professionals does not end with just developing an application. Support part is also crucial. Here lies the importance of 'BPO' / 'KPO' industry. The various wings of 'ITES' sector employ more than 2 million software professionals in India. Various state governments offer incentives to IT giants for setting up bases there. Software development companies in India have really placed themselves on high-speed zone.

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