June 15, 2012

The United Nations still want to dominate the Internet. Intranet for change, apparently not dead.

Censored Internet MarketOlder people have a better password than the young; Web Design services dominated building nuisance sites; Google Drive will take the form offline; Microsoft Azure supports Linux And Apple does not want the Google maps. What else interesting happened in just the past few weeks? 

'We're Trapped In The Journalism Bubble Facebook' is a convenient and brutally truthful headline of an article on Wired.com. This applies especially to journalistic coverage of the stock market entry, Facebook.
United Nations (and the ITU) would like to gain the ability to control the Internet. Listens might be worth what it says to Vint Cerf. See F2C2012: Vint Cerf Keynote .

Edward Khilji, who is probably known for Trololo, died at the age of 77 years.



More than 107 million Americans own a Smartphone (234 million elderly 13 years of using mobile phones). Apple is growing (14.4%) and Samsung (25.4%) too, while LG, Motorola and HTC are down-trending. Android (50.8%) and IOS (31.4%) are reversing as RIM, Microsoft and Symbian are downgrading. See comScore’ Data: Samsung, Android tops Apple iOS gaining

Computer graphics, where is it going? It is hard to believe that the following video is a demo in real time. Details are in next-gen engine from Square Enix shows what future games look like Could, tech demo video inside



The presentation "The 2012 trends in interactive design" by Petra Sell on Prophets is a useful reading.
Intranet apparently not dead, it is just evolving. "The Intranet Is not Dead - It's Evolving
Research: Cluttered Webpages Kill ImpressionsHe is also talking about one of the great ills of contemporary design sites.


Google Drive is up on offline form, at least for Chrome-books. See Google Drive for online Chromebooks in July ;  Firefox heatmap Study 2012 - Results Are In! It is a useful look at what Firefox users from using its "control" elements. For example, find that the Back (back) is used most (92%). Home (Home) in 22.1% cases. A Tabview? The other side has so many modern elements. Only 0.7% Cloud Platform Azure from Microsoft now supports Linux. See Linux Welcomes Microsoft to the Azure cloud Star Forge introduced the first-use (and playable) version of its 3D world. Details on the Star Forge opens ITS procedurally generated 3D world that players.


Where corporate Internet users expect information and services? In 46% cases it requires a Facebook page, in 29%, a corporate blog is required and followed by a forum for support, Twitter, wiki or knowledge base. For details, see Social Media Customer Service and Faces High Bar.



Older people are said to choose a better password than youth. Even on this study exists: Older Internet Users Pick Better Than Teens Passwords [STUDY] Fighting Anonymous? It's obviously not the best idea. The story of Jennifer Emick, see This Is What Happens When Anonymous Tries to Destroy You. Google pointed the finger at Microsoft and Nokia. Back got boxes of course, be primarily looks at the problems with patents. See Google Points Finger at Microsoft, Nokia and Google Nokia and Microsoft Claims Are Using Patents To Violate Antitrust Laws

Very probably the same hacker as in case of leakage of passwords in Linkedin.com - second sample of his work release is 1.5 million entries from eHarmony.com. See Hacker Steals LinkedIn 1.5 Million Passwords from eHarmony [REPORT]



What about the fight between The Fancy - www.thefancy.com  - and Pinterest - www.pinterest.com? Comment by Compete.com search in An Updated Look Into the Battle Between Pinterest and The Fancy
Google sends to the company website from a search on Facebook and to fewer people. It has to do with "Search Plus Your World" changes? Probably not. Personally, I take it positively, Pages (Pages) from Facebook were still unnecessarily high ranking in the search. A TIMELINE no longer forms a valuable source of information.”

On Friday 1st June, Facebook faced with problems of access to international media and the information considered one of the most important messages. Perhaps, it has added to Anonymous. But, as it is for Anonymous, they reject any involvement. See Anonymous blamed for Facebook outage, group denies Involvement.

Twitter does not grow much anymore, at least not as far as total numbers. But what greatly increases the number of users who use it daily. More in Daily Twitter Users Double in Less Than A Year.
After circulating a classic Facebook chain letter, you have to go forward to protect your privacy. Traditionally it works, of course. See Viral 'Privacy Notice' on Facebook Is Fake. Google Places has been converted into a Google + Local and that has yielded a 80 million company records. Details and comments are in 80 + million Google Automatically Created Local pages - Got one?
internet market dominated



 Apple is working hard to remove Google Maps from iPhone and iPad. See Apple and Google to Expand Their Battle of Mobile Maps on WSJ with a very good description of how it has sparked a range of battles between Apple and Google in previous years.

Maybe you know an application like Locale or Tasker (for Android). With their help, you can "program" phone behavior based on certain events. Now comes with its own applications and Microsoft, you can find it under the name he {X}. See Microsoft Launches on {X} for Android; Redefines Rule-Based Mobile Task Automation [Review]



Useful and interesting overview of Facebook's acquisition has been taking place since 2008 and that can be found in Facebook IPO: Timeline of Acquisitions .



 How the Arab World Uses Facebook and Twitter [INFOGRAPHICS] you can come in handy if you want to know something about using Facebook and Twitter in the Arab countries.

What is (mostly) did not get into cells and costs from just last few weeks for your attention. It might be useful, it could take, maybe it's just somehow escaped the flood of hundreds of articles and reports which emerged last few weeks. Hand sorting of hundreds of thousands of sources and read messages. In the vast majority of foreign. Occurs continuously throughout the week. If you want to watch series, has its own label in the form of Week.

afghan children killed by us nato bombing
Afghan children killed in the Afghan war (note: NOT from the March 1, 2011 U.S./NATO attack) See the full story 'Here'.
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June 13, 2012

Facebook Launched App Center Marketplace with Applications

Abhijit roy in Social mediaUnsuccessful attempt to compete AppStore and Google android market is failing to play a major shortcoming. Facebook does not own mobile platform. App Center is only a useful tool for standard applications. But much will depend on how the market will maintain and update Facebook.

 Bad language claims that every company will have its own AppStore, a marketplace with applications. And sometimes it is even happening quite a lot of indications. Facebook launched App Center - www.facebook.com/AppCenter  in an effort to better visibility of mobile applications (especially games) and a classic application (again, mostly games, but occasionally you will find among them some useful things for Timeline or connect with the world outside of Facebook).

Facebook App Center can be a very important part of the puzzle hypothetical Facebook Phone - there is no trade in your own applications that can not circumvent. Unfortunately, to make something work, Facebook would actually have to have real mobile platform. In the current form of the App Center can find applications provided both free and paid - while paying option is new, so far not been possible to deliver applications on Facebook in this way.
Facebook Appcenter Mobile Application
For users of mobile phones the App Center is rather complicated, no direct installation is possible here. Everything is done via the "Send to Mobile" - the user receives a link that leads to the web rather absurdly- and if lucky, after opening the page in mobile browser to another application by reference to Apple's AppStore and Google Play from Google. The real form but click on "Send to Mobile" and become anything - you know that in classical Facebook mobile application can be found (in warnings) for further instructions. The App Center so you can browse the catalog of mobile applications (such as Instagram), but that's it. Unfortunately, the Facebook application does not know whether the version you currently have for your phone. You may find that your phone is simply not available.
Instagram in Facebook Appcenter, Abhijit Roy in Instagram
Since the announcement in the form " Application Spotify is now ready to use on your mobile device. Start using it to get an application, unfortunately, very long and breakneck way. The browser opens, there Spotify.com the page, there are only a reference to the application to Google Play. And because we are in CR and in this particular case you finish the " No results found ". 

Web applications in the App Center can be found easily and can also use them without a problem - here it is no novelty for the classical applications that run on Facebook have long and App Center can offer here in the form of useful things to list the most common views, recommendations or overview of applications, which currently growing interest.
Currently in the App Center can be found approximately 600 applications (in the AppStore and Google Play hundreds of thousands of applications you can find). and not at all clear how Facebook actually ensure that the App Center was not seen - because traditionally not much - the rest of the Facebook account of the very existence of the App Center does. And Apps and Games, where users have seen and discovered applications, still looks the same. No change, even so small that there was information about the presence of the App Center.
App Center should of course be available in the mobile phone, but you may need to wait for an application update, version for Android, even after application of fresh App Center does not offer yet. And hopefully the phone after finding the wanted applications do not find themselves again on the same Web page as you use the "Send to mobile" from the web version.

What do you think Facebook App Center?
It's a good catalog and web applications for users of Facebook can be helpful. Especially the fact that they can more easily find the applications and see what other people use. For mobile applications App Center is unusable and clearly shows that Facebook is on the cell phones simply one of the other applications and can not offer anything that could be well used and made sense. Which is logical, Facebook is here trying to duplicate the App Store and Google Play and information about applications and games, it lacks too much information.
Pinterest in Facebook AppcenterSo far we know nothing even about the specific conditions for developers, it is unknown as many will use their Facebook Censors traditional approaches. How, for example, will show promise in the form of " You'll only see high quality apps in the App Center, based on user ratings and engagement "? So that in the App Center will see only high-quality applications and that it will be based on user markings and user involvement.

And when can we expect the first cases of abuse more App Center, the discovery of security vulnerabilities, releases information about users of applications. It just seems that what you all for now "new" Facebook passed by. We do not know when the App Center will be available in other countries, has traditionally been run as "U.S. only".

Whether it is for the time being however, the Facebook application catalog severely lacks for a long time. And all previous attempts have not led to anything applicable. And if one day a real Facebook will have Facebook Phone, it's time to start working on your own "AppStore".