September 17, 2012

New iPhone 5 between Cook and iCloud. Apple still has a lot to offer?

iPhone 5 release

Apple iPhone5 – the last device Steve Jobs worked on. Now, the question is, What else Apple has to offer?

 Unlike all previous "Keynotes" from the year's leaked practically everything, why, I will fight to the question: whether the fanatical previously released security rules, or whether the production volume contains many partners and lure of delivery is too large for them to not get the information out. Various parts of the new iPhone 5 traveled internet long enough and only a few hours before its introduction on the Internet and get full shots of the internal electronics from which it was evident that the NFC (unlike LTE) does not come into consideration. The whole performance was so carried rather in the spirit recap of what fans already knew, and little surprises in the form of series of innovative iPods or revised iTunes could no longer conceal that after all expected something more.
Not only leaks when the show was the largest, as well as competitors tried. In the immediate vicinity of the notified well in advance performances, Apple boss Tim Cook your news suddenly presented it as Amazon and Nokia and Google at least in the world launched its application for Youtube on iOS in such a hurry to have time to prepare its version for the iPad. Fans in the mood to fix the new version of Google Drive that allows comfortable editing files stored in Google Drive (ie, based on previous Google Docs), so Google is heading to a number of efforts Apple's cloud services.
iPhone 5 is a revolution of disappointed expectations:

The new iPhone 5 has Zoom information detail and we will not deal with all the features that the new flagship Apple can bring. Recall the essential: the phone is thinner, lighter, faster, and what is probably the main, has a half-inch larger screen. How will higher resolution of 640 × 1136 points (326 DPI) making problems existing applications remains to be seen, yet there are reasons for optimism. Improved battery life was, and what is about the developed markets’ essential message - added LTE phone.

New iPhone 5Apple did not fail to boast that such a wide range of supported mobile radio technologies including LTE elsewhere and partly right. The range of networks, with which the iPhone 5 advises is respectable. In addition to GSM / EDGE, there is also available UMTS, CDMA and LTE recently, with whose support also added the support for Dual Carrier UMTS network to the maximum data rate in 3G networks climbed to 42 Mb / s and LTE to 100 Mb / s (All the download).

But what was not apparent during the keynote, is that the new iPhone 5 will have a total of three versions for different markets, depending on what combination of GSM / CDMA with LTE frequencies are expected to be calm and you can perhaps only that data roaming between LTE networks is in its infancy so it will not be of great practical limitations. Indeed, when studying the bill for data roaming diapers should be used... 

Europe will cover model A1429 with support for LTE frequencies to 850 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100. The fact that LTE 2.6 GHz frequencies offered in the LTE Apple failed to tender, is not as significant as not very obvious fact arising from the implementation of the chipset Qualcomm MDM9615M. This is supported by the UMTS standards, and TD-SCDMA, the official Chinese version of 3G networks used by the largest local operator China Mobile (more than 600 million users). A lack of support for this "3G", which is otherwise caught on because of the significantly lower stability and performance versus conventional WCDMA, was reportedly long political problem in putting the iPhone to China Mobile network in decent quantities.

Gobi chipset from Qualcomm can of course buy each and Snapdragon processor along with the foundation of the new phones with Windows 8, but for which the manufacturers of the full integration of all functions of the chipset still not solved and it will always be satisfactorily resolved. One of the reasons that Apple bought is most of the capabilities that Qualcomm had available and others (including Nokia and Samsung) are sidelined. 

Dilemma of iPhone owners:

Recall that, until now, it seems as if Apple "just implemented a new feature", but behind them is a lot of work. Just new batteries required a new production process, which enables greater energy density and better use of space. Also, the display looks "only" bigger; in fact, it is a completely new production process that integrates touch scanning directly into the layer with the display, which achieves greater precision shooting. Yes, it is Apple's patent and patent still gets.

iPhone 5 introducing
Introducing the iPhone 5
 Apple's highly advanced integrated chipset Qualcomm, so one of the few to offer "integrated zone." 's Add enhanced lens covered sapphire glass and again extended support software offering including panoramic photos (which already offers Lumia just over a year). New headphones. The new system connector named Lightning (probably to Thunderbolt was sad) has such groundbreaking features as it is not sensitive to the conversion, which is a revolution that could outdo by USB. 

These are all things over which you have the Apple certainly worrying, surely delighting the new owners, but what about the old ones? What are the real enticement pulling out your wallet and again broaching the apple? While the iPhone 4S could apologize, it is not a major two-year upgrade, if iPhone 5 is stretched four inches to display one of the few visible and somewhat scarce. Even if we say it, knowing who tested high-speed data network rather by accident when you hit the base station supporting Dual Carrier (try Beroun, where it has Vodafone) or when setting out anywhere on the west or east and buy a local SIM card. 

iOS6 and iCloud:

In fact, if you have something substantial take away from Tim Cook's keynote, then this is another campaign deep into iCloud apple products. It is the single word "iCloud", but it is also a huge change as technology and in concept and Apple knows that if more people cling to their products and long-term competition withstand fire must be in cloud-based solutions ahead. 

iPhone 5 4G
And trying to the new version of the desktop operating system Mountain Lion; Apple has moved forward a lot with iCloud and the last two versions of OS X is difficult to hide, it is mainly to promote iCloud to our computers. Similarly, the new version of iOS 6 is a spinning around iCloud. Beginning pushing photos, music and documents, which Apple still adding new and new features, support for high-speed data, which is very important for the cloud. New iTunes, which Apple also just introduced, are also deeply integrated with the cloud - not only do you have your multimedia accessible from all devices, but purchased the film releasing on the iPhone where you are with him on the iMac stopped. 

Question marks over the future:

Just a few hours before introducing the new iPhone 5 have appeared threatening rivals Apple, how they will seek to achieve its sales injunction. Perhaps the greatest insolence showed Chinese manufacturer replica phones, which had registered the design of the iPhone 5, according to leaked images as a utility model and now declares that prevents selling iPhone 5 in China. Which would not be feasible even under Chinese law, remember, however, that with the right will have little in common. 

Significant threats came from HTC, Motorola and Samsung, classical trio with which Apple believes in an endless cycle, and yet rather successfully. Specifically, HTC and Samsung have stated that they intend to ban the sale of iPhone due to the violation of their patents for LTE. So far, it looks just the dancing, because Apple itself in the last year quietly shopped "essential LTE patents" and has a stash of them already, which is estimated at one to five percent of the total 'pool' LTE patents. A holding essential patents gives access to other essential patents on 'reasonable terms', but for example with Motorola is thought about what are reasonable conditions (in this case, but a 3G FRAND). Comic insert in patent litigation is the ongoing dispute with HTC, where the author signed the patent HTC admitted that he does not know what's going on and that it is necessary to ask the corporate lawyer, who, it seems, HTC patent for his coming. 

Although it is likely that the actions fit, practical effect on sales of the iPhone 5 will not have it.Just as it is already certain that the iPhone 5 over any reservations about the lack of real innovation would sell well because many innovations cannot be found even among competitors. NFC and wireless charging candies are nice, but they have their practical problems, for not becoming the decisive criterion, moreover, why is Apple so far skipped and focus on the essential details, such as longer battery life. 

This could be interesting especially that the phone will go on sale on the anniversary of the death of St. Wenceslas (yes, 28 September) and the price will probably be the same as when iPhone 4S (discounting the contrary), that is 16 500 CZK per 16 gigabytes version with a deviation by retailer and by the weakening of the crown (the prices including VAT).

iPhone 5 fiveApple iPhone 5
Samsung Galaxy S3, best android phone
Nokia Lumia 920, Windows 8 Phone
Nokia Lumia 920
$199 (16 GB), $299 (32 GB), $399 (64 GB) (India price to be announced)
INR 37,499
To Be Announced
Operating system
iOS 6
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Windows Phone 8
8MP iSight camera with autofocus and 'Panorama' mode
8 MP camera
8.7 MP Nokia PureView camera
4.87 inches height with 2.31 inches width, 0.30 inch thick
5.37 inches height with 2.77 inches width, 0.33 inch thick
5.11 inches height with 2.76 inches width, 0.42 inch thick
4-inch widescreen multi-touch retina display
4.8-inches with a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution
4.5-inch touchscreen
Up to 8 hours talk time on 3G, standby time up to 225 hours
2100mAh battery, 8 hours talk time on 3G
2000mAh battery
16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB
With microSD expansion slot, it has a storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB
32GB with additional cloud storage
Apple A6 processor
1.4Ghz quad-core/1 GB
Dual-core 1.5Ghz Snapdragon S4
Black & Slate, White & Silver
White, blue, red
Black, white, gray, yellow, red
Lightning 8-pin connector
Micro USB
Micro USB
ET Review

What remains open is the meaning of Keynotes after the departure of Jobs. Tim Cook has charisma frozen antelope, and that's a fact. In combination with the fact that most of the fundamental innovations and vice versa seeps previously undetected small things are nonsense type of color-matched loops on the iPod, it brings rather unpleasant response of eager professionals. And it is difficult at this disappointment crash, although objectively iPhone-5 is really great. 
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  4. Hi all, I got the iPhone 5 for Christmas, and yes of course I love it, it’s sleek lines, its elegant design. But the battery… not so good or long lasting. We may be at the limits of where battery technology can take us at the moment but when that breakthrough comes the user experience will be so much better.

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