August 16, 2011

Social Media: A Dream in the Making With Google+

I hate to say it, but in terms of new social networking site Google +, I'm still skeptic. Even this new offering of Google has certain drawbacks that were absent in its predecessor Google Wave.
Google Wave was in its time a very interesting technology. The combination of social networks (in the form in which it existed in 2009), e-mail applications, groupware and technology-driven content sharing experience and promise of usefulness was better, although they were contemporary competitive separate systems. It was very tempting. Most importantly, in light of the then Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, it looked like a welcome evolutionary step.
However, Google Wave did not die. Actually the competitors were "just better". On the contrary, in many technological aspects several competitors simply vanished or because they hardly generated any interest with their features. Wave service started with much hope and aspirations but its inner flaws obstructed its potentiality.
However, there remained some flaws in the new concept. It allowed limited access to the service at a time when the buzz reached its peak. Google played down the part when everyone wanted it and when the demand reached its peak. Moreover, those few who accessed the Wave soon discovered that there is nothing substantial in it. The Wave simply ended.
With Google social +, Google has come up with a grand new offering to catch the imagination of millions of social networking users. In appearance it looks like social networking major Facebook but offers enhanced features. After the Wave and Orkut, Google + is helping to bring back excitement for Google's social networking initiatives. Sending invitations to join this site is like warming up the audience who throngs the gallery at the football ground. Moreover, Android application has already implemented it. However, to retain this buzz in the longer run, Google has to take necessary steps and make Google + user-friendly.
The success of Facebook can be traced to its number of daily visitors and huge volume of posted content. Google + can become a full-fledged social networking site with "all in one" features, but faulty strategies can spoil its party like that of the wave. Its success will depend upon how Google sets initial conditions and if "limited testing" period soon leads to open its door to mass public. Easy accessibility remains a key of success behind social networking sites. Otherwise it could be the situation once again where crowds huddle outside the door, screaming at each other and desperately searching for way to enter inside. If such scenario occurs, then Google+ will lose its appeal, otherwise it has great future.
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Source:     Abhijit Kumar


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