October 20, 2011

Google Does Not Pay Taxes?

Internet marketing expert indiaThe IRS, then the U.S. - and the comparison of our armed - version of the Tax Office, is perhaps currently investigating. The thing is that the user may not be interested, but we would be interested because of its  significant implications.

How it looks - or, as the server of Businessweek believes U.S. IRS currently audits management tax optimization and this audit is more than a mere formality or routine. Wonder? I do not.   Google, like many other technology companies in the U.S. (such as Apple's beloved!), offshore portion of their revenues abroad to avoid having to pay for them quite a high corporate tax in the U.S. And although using a fairly complicated system optimization as well as those of income (for example, nicely named "Dutch sandwich" and the taxes paid abroad are significantly smaller than the ones at home, definitely not a bed of roses. Money abroad can not move into U.S., which means that they can not freely dispose of, or is to invest at home, and does not give shareholders the dividend. While they are on the whole, but in the trap. And now it also seems that the Obama administration (which would be one of the said money got love) went into a slight offensive, whose first step is that the tax optimization shines so, to speak.

What in the worst case might mean for Google and get great unexpected expenses and possibly criminal prosecution is, I believe, from the perspective of the U.S. government actually test and the threat of one. If you end up being able to Google "milked" can look forward to something similar to another company. If you fail, you may search titan is likely to start preparing for the foreseeable future for the next round. Perhaps more intense.
The event may have implications for users and potentially to us. Not in the capitalization of Google, but in a number of accompanying phenomena associated with it. As much as Google and others willing to invest abroad? To develop the technology? What price will you charge for advertising and paid services? How will the technical support? Google, Apple and many others to end their tax Eldorado undoubtedly deserves, but the question is, how can they look at the impact of end users for services and products often depends more than he at first accepted.
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