June 14, 2013

Basic Reasons Why SEO and PPC Are a Match Made in Heaven

You may be making an investment quite a bit of attempt into your online existence, and a majority of that attempt may be considering Organic SEO. And when done the right way, is great for your product/brand and the services you provide. But did you know that natural SEO and PPC can perform together to provide even more highly effective results that you can’t imagine?
Search promotion/marketing is about the connection between some factors — professions, techniques, search engines, websites, individuals — and there are many ways these methods impact one another. When working together, these factors make more highly effective outcomes than if they were used alone.
So we’re going to look at methods SEO and PPC perform together to make a mutually beneficial connection for a web page. I’ll explore:

  • ·      How to use details you have collected from your look for techniques to help your PPC campaign.
  • ·   How PPC techniques can advantage your organic SEO initiatives, and vice-versa.
  • ·   How PPC can increase usability on your web pages for visitors who are looking for the services/products you provide.
  • ·    Ways to evaluate the two together, and a highly effective example of how the Organic search can impact the paid search.

1. You Can Use Organic Data in Your PPC Campaigns
When customers come to discover new compensated look for techniques, and they already have a reasonable amount of details in Google Statistics; we always discover the natural part when choosing look for phrases to focus on.
What we do is evaluate all the look for phrases that forced alterations and sales, and begin thinking about how we would group them within our AdWords campaigns (assuming you have got your e-commerce confirming set up already).
So, for example, say you have a keyword and key term that is generating alterations naturally, and that term is “dog mattresses.” And as a pet store business, you have several lines of dog mattresses.
We’d then look at creating a PPC strategy around dog mattresses, with ad categories such as smooth dog mattresses, extra-large dog mattresses, small dog mattresses, brand-name dog mattresses, and so on.
Organic e-commerce details can also help you discover potential blends of labeled look for phrases that you may not have thought of to add to your new pay-per-click strategy. So keep in mind about those.

2. Your Organic SEO Can Benefit From Your PPC, and Vice Versa
PPC is a nice supplement to your organic seo because you can use it to quickly determine which look for phrases bring customers and alterations, and then build those look for phrases into your natural SEO initiatives.
Building on the PPC-SEO connection, good PPC squeeze webpages always contain the details the keyword and key term is appealing when a user mouse clicks an ad. This is why your on-page promotion is essential when you are running both natural SEO and PPC techniques together.
Make sure that you improve the web page that you are driving customers to. This contains guaranteeing that the web page not only has appropriate items and details for that keyword and key term, but also that the Meta details and content is enhanced with the keyword and key term.
This can help your overall Top quality Ranking in PPC, and Top quality Ranking is an essential hint to how focused and appropriate your PPC techniques are. You may also discover an increase in your natural alterations after you begin weaving those conversion-focused look for phrases onto your webpages.

3. PPC Campaigns Can Help Enhance the Usability of Your Site
PPC techniques often expose methods to group items together in a manner that individuals are searching for. You can use details from PPC techniques to look at a web page with a critical eye and ask, “Which webpages best meet the guarantee of this ad and this ad group?”
If no webpages on your website support the items you are collection together in your AdWords techniques (for example, you are just getting customers on your home page), make a new web page with those items arranged together so you can send your customers to the most appropriate outcomes.
This also creates on the Top quality Ranking idea I described in the last area.

Relationship Analysis: How to Know if SEO and PPC Are conjugate beneficially Working Together
Multi-channel attribution is the way to know how well all your promotion programs perform together on the main point here. The “multi-channel funnel” review in Google Statistics can be very useful.

Here’s a short video elaborating the relationship:

To access this feature in Google-Analytics, go to Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels.
The image in the right side is the screenshot from G-A:

Multichannel Funnel Report
Another way you can discover whether PPC is enhancing your natural organic SEO is to watch your natural positions and visitors for particular search phrases that you are using in PPC. If, for example, you have enhanced pages of your site with PPC search phrases as I discussed previously, you should be able to tell if those search phrases are driving more exposure in search.

In G.A., look at Traffic Sources > Overview. Under “Search Traffic,” click “Keyword” (by default, it should be shown anyway).

Traffic Overview
To see which page the keyword that’s driving traffic on, you can set the secondary dimension to “landing page.” From the overview section, in the bottom right of the screen, click “view full report.” Then set the secondary dimension to “landing page” as shown below.

Secondary Dimension
Another way to see the power of PPC and organic search together is to take a look at the search engine results pages. The screenshot of Google SERP below is an example of what the top listings in organic search can look like if you’re taking advantage of all the paid and search channels that are available to you.

Keep in mind, Search Marketing is a Relationship between Paid and Organic Search, Even If You Do not See It

Even if hard information is not gazing you right in the experience, your initiatives and your PPC strategies are always connected. Often, people usually look at different marketing programs individual. Actually, customers adhere to a long direction to reach the activity you want them to take on the internet.
One highly effective example that shows that marketing is natural is the tale of a client who got hit by Google’s Panda criteria upgrade (which objectives low-quality material on a site).
This client was never truly able to restore from Panda’s charge on the natural part, and we saw PPC strategies also not doing as well around that time. Unfortunately, the customer's PPC performance was never the same either.
This is just another signal that the overall high top quality of a web page and what it’s doing in other marketing programs has a highly effective effect on the achievements of a on the internet business.
So when you are looking at your marketing initiatives on the internet, remember: It’s a connection. Make sure you are monitoring your time and effort in as many methods as possible for both SEO and PPC so you can truly see this relationship in activity.
Then use that information to evaluate how the programs will work together for a better image of ROI, a more highly effective product on the internet, and a long lasting relationship between your web page, the google, and your customers.
abhijit roy


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