November 9, 2012

What gave the last week: Facebook Timeline tests with one column and Google prototype lost in a bar.

Google Wallet might have your own card, EA and Sony are at a loss and PayPal entered. Other developers do not mind that people pirate their game, in 2014 we put a computer for $1.5 billion and people in different countries perceive advertising in different ways.

 [Nov-09; 2012.] 
Critics in the Headlights it feeds into the gaming journalists. It mainly notes their rather peculiar co-existence with the PR world, contests, and winners and they are announced by PR(press-release) guidelines and many other things.

DARPA'S Pet-Proto Robot navigates Obstacles is a video, showing robot that can "walk" and overcome obstacles. It's a little scary, but all the more fascinating. And if this video is not enough, take a look at yet another project  - four-legged.

It would allow you study journalism in a school, where your Professor evaluated your performance according to Klout? See Bizarre Trend: Journalism Professors Using Klout Scores As Part OfStudents' Grades
Steve Ballmer personally selling Windows Phone in advertising: 


Game console is dead, says Wired magazine. And it demonstrates the examples, figures and history. Read the Consolation Prize: The Game Console Is Dead. What Will Replace It?

Google has lost a prototype phone (Nexus 4). And where else is the bar? See Google's Nexus 4 Prototype Lost and Found in a Bar [PIC]  It was really a loss, or a marketing ploy?

Hardware, unlike the above ones, is a yacht here. It was proposed by the designer, Philippe Starck, but mainly by Steve Jobs. The related video for the article is here -  Yacht Steve Jobs te water in Aalsmeer (yes, sorry, but it's in Dutch).

Conan once again makes fun of Apple, this time to the iPad Mini. And another ad , called "forbidden" (and probably much better not to handle).

"Wearable computing", this is a computer that you "can take the body" (with some exaggeration, of course) for the year 2014 represents a market of up to $ 1.5 billion. At that time we will be able to buy Google Glasses. See Study: Wearable computing market to hit $ 1.5B by 2014


"First Tablet, Mobile Second" is an idea with which I agree:
Google Maps has recently improved, particularly with regard to displaying "natural geography". In order to properly understand the painted version of the maps, better see where the forest or desert is. Details in  Get a better view of natural geography with Google Maps
 UICloud - /  - can be very useful "database" UI elements.
Powerful Command Line Tools For Developers is exactly what the name implies, a few tips on useful tools for developers to use the command line - Curl, Ngrep, netcat, Sshuttle, Siege and Mitmproxy.

Two tips for places where you can buy a lot of icons - Endless Icons and Iconmonstr. See Endless Icons & Iconmonstr - Loads Of Free PNG Icons-AndGrowing Fast


PlayStation, The All-Star ': 
Between Americans and other people, there is a difference in the perception of advertising. Fun Online advertisements are found in the U.S. rather than elsewhere. See Americans Find Funny Online Ads More Appealing Than The Rest ofthe World Does
Videos supposedly get best hydrogen visitors to the site on Facebook. Look for more in VideosViewers Send to Facebook Pages
-an interesting reading about how 'Uber' paid for the situation in New York. Uber is a startup that is trying to change the method of ordering a taxi. And the media is often against itself, because it itself holds quite a lot of fighting classic taxi lobbies. Read the  How A Sandy-Related PR Nightmare Uber Startup Cost $ 100,000 In A Day

How To Use One superfan To Spread The Word To Millions or share out the information and within 24 hours you kneel down on the web, because they show how powerful it can influence viral spread.
 Google Chromebook and the new advertising spot "For Halloween":



 Jonathan, who is 'Soderstorm indie' developer, knew it already that people would pirate his game. And he even went so far as to those who had downloaded Hotline Miami without pay, to offer technical support. Interesting? See Some indies do not fight piracy, They embrace it
How a Supreme Court ruling may stop you from reselling just aboutanything is a lot of interesting reading on copyright. That is an issue, especially when things bought, you can sell to anyone else. Some manufacturers obviously want this to change.
Apple lost the rights to the iPhone brand in Mexico, the details in  Apple's iPhone Loses right brand name in Mexico


Facebook is testing pages that Timeline existing columns appear in single-column format. I would be clapping because two columns constantly cracked and messy contribution is one of the worst ideas FB ever had. See the Facebook Timeline layout tests with single column of posts asks why so many people (voluntarily) depend on Facebook as a communication tool, even though they know that Facebook deletes whatever it wants, and arbitrarily decides what may or may not be featured. See Why Do So Many People Rely On Facebook For Communications, GivenIts Arbitrary Removal Process?


Grab Color for Android is used to pointing a camera in mobile for some paint and, see and grab a kind of color.
If lucky, use Zadar with camera in mobile phones. See Android 25 Amazing Photos From Around the World
EA cancels plans for about ten social games and instead goes into mobile games. The reason is financial results. See EA's shift from social to mobile or Delays kills up to 10 games

Want to know who is responsible for those horrible texture in iPhone? And the wholly obscure appearance of applications that were "to remind you what people are used to the real world"? Read on Scott Forstall's Most Heinous Crimes Against Humanity


WithStreaming and Sharing, Teens Find Ways Around Paying for Music  is a study showing how the world of music is changing and especially how the youth is approaching music. Of course, the important role of making music for free can be read, but there is one essential phenomenon seen - streaming music - such as Pandora and the like.

PayPal lets terminate 325 employees and 120 contractors. See Paypal slashes 445 jobs to Improve development process
EA (Electronic Arts) is still at a loss. And  Electronic Arts reports $ 711 million in revenue for its Q22013, net loss of $ 381 million Nadja is also quite an interesting graph.

Sony's second financial quarter has the loss of $ 198 million. Compared to the previous quarter, the loss is less($ 312 million). Playstation has a lower income and PS3/PS2 delivered 3.5 million (4.9 million in the same period last year). See Sony posts net loss of $ 198 million for Q2, PlayStation Profitsdecline

Google Wallet will be possible to have your own card. More in  Google said that Google Wallet with augment physical card

Infographics is (at least for me) a fascinating project that shows Lord of the Rings world in numbers and graphs. Perhaps, it is like distribution of population by race and gender .

The Retailers Guide to Social, Local, and Mobile infographics is small, but can fit - resellers.
What (mostly) did not get into the cells and the other events of the past week might be worth your attention. Hand-sorted from hundreds of sources and thousands of read messages, it could attract you somehow, escaping the flood of hundreds of articles and reports that appeared last week. In the vast majority, it occurs continuously throughout the week. If you want to follow the series, READ IT ONCE AGAIN !!
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