August 10, 2011

Software Development Companies - The Current Scenario

Information Technology is steadily spreading its reach over every aspect of daily life. Judging from this angle, software development field has gained substantial importance in recent times. Massive development in IT sector has instigated several countries to ride on its all-conquering chariot. India sits pretty well among these premier software-development countries. India's meteoric rise as a "super power in making" owes much to the IT research and development arena.
Indian software companies have crossed the national boundary to grab a strong pie of global IT market. Backed by in-depth knowledge in diverse technologies, Indian IT/'ITES'(IT Enabled Services) professionals have firmly established their marks in services like 'SEM'(Search Engine Marketing), website design, web application development, e-commerce, web hosting and so on. Software development companies in India have also created a niche in the market with their cutting-edge solutions for ultra-modern mobile platforms. Thanks to their contributions, mobile phones now can be doubly used in multiple fields like online commerce, e-banking, keeping track of general fitness, availing latest updates from stock market, navigating through little known roads while driving and several other sophisticated tasks with pin-point accuracy.

Rich talent pool with proficiency in English has acted in favor of Indian software companies. Moreover, developing bespoke software to suit clients' specific requirements, cost-effective solutions and the advantages of 'ODC' (Offshore Development Center) have emerged as the driving force behind the Information Technology boom in this country. Besides, India never lacks of brilliant students who complete their graduation with math and computer science. So the supply of professionals with strong logical thinking ability never ceases to the technical fields. According to a report, IT / 'ITES' industry contributed more than 5% of the national GDP, back in the year 2007. This figure has no doubt substantially increased within the past few years.

Information Technology field is all set to experience a major push forward as the government sectors are slowly but gradually turning into the atmosphere of e-governance. More and more educational institutes are opting for Information Technology Enabled Services. The task of the professionals does not end with just developing an application. Support part is also crucial. Here lies the importance of 'BPO' / 'KPO' industry. The various wings of 'ITES' sector employ more than 2 million software professionals in India. Various state governments offer incentives to IT giants for setting up bases there. Software development companies in India have really placed themselves on high-speed zone.

Source:  abhijit-articlesbase    HRMS Software


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  3. Software development companies in India have also created a niche in the market with their cutting-edge solutions for ultra-modern mobile platforms.