November 30, 2011

Facebook wanted to give out free Phone: Buffy

abhijit roy, facebook seoA year and a half history of Facebook Phone (formerly known as Slayer) gets clearer outlines. Facebook had plans for its development and production to give up, so the "Buffy" would eventually produce the HTC and the market could come in April next year. Not free, but will guarantee even greater invasion of your privacy.

The foreign media this week raises a number of new rumors about Facebook Phone and how they relate to the history of this device, as expected on the market. Business Insider on Facebook Wanted To Give Away The Facebook Phone For Free writes about the original plans Facebook. Facebook Phone originally was to be free to design and produce and have it on their own with Facebook. Users would give him free without having to sign any contract and business model to be advertising. The BI Facebook but ultimately the cost came to 700 USD per unit and the lack of resources for something like the original plans thwarted. Plans for the phone without any contract finally hit the reluctance of operators.

According to ‘AllThingsD’ Facebook Phone will see in April next year (The Facebook Phone: It's Finally Real and Its Name Is Buffy ) and the manufacturer HTC - the phone uses the codename Buffy (the model, the Representative of the television series about vampire slayer and other vermin). The basis of the modified Android with Facebook integrated into all services. Press Room Facebook to the existence of a Facebook Phone still rather vaguely expressed:
Our mobile strategy is simple: We think every mobile device even better if it is social deeply. We're working across the Entire mobile industry, with Operators, Hardware Manufacturers, OS providers, application developers and bring this powerful social experiences that more people around the world.

The idea of their own mobile devices since Facebook is not nearly so crazy as it might seem. About 800 million users there are 350 million mobile and must add that these are active users. Facebook applications are among the most downloaded and used on all mobile platforms, and as much effort to integrate this application with a mobile operating system is obvious. In addition, Facebook might feel threatened by integrating Twitter into iOS5, though not yet say whether this activity Apple had any great effect.
Own mobile phone with a much broader integration of Facebook into the operating system, for Facebook, however, was mainly an opportunity to expand even more "real time" sharing - that is what he said at the last F8. New Facebook Timeline (still not included for legal problems with the name) and extension Open Graph options to automatically receive a share in the mobile phone a new dimension. If these latest activities by contacting the interested Facebook users know about their fully all (and preferably also automatically shared and processed), receives a Facebook Phone attempt a new dimension.

abhijit royIf Facebook uses a classic tactic is to launch something very controversial in terms of privacy, we can expect from Facebook Phone another invasion of privacy. Each your step can be monitored using GPS, and Facebook will safely know whenever you find a Facebook near the Place (Places). Likewise, be aware of every Web site you visit a Web browser on a mobile phone. Gets even more detailed access to your contacts and also how often and what you are writing an e-mail on your mobile phone. 
For e-mail but it does not stop there, of course, integration with mobile phone will also have access to SMS users, including the possibility of further extending the functionality of Messages on Facebook - will finally be integrated into Facebook and SMS in many cases even SMS bypass - why send SMS to someone who Facebook has a phone, when it will be possible to create the same thing about what Apple is trying to Messages. Mobile phones are also more and more changes in the electronic wallet and payment tool and offer the possibility of further integration with Facebook Credits.

Phone Facebook should offer long-awaited platform for new applications on Facebook, based on HTML 5, the possibility of obtaining control of the other possible platform for applications on the mobile phone can be on Facebook, finally, one of the very interesting possibilities. Marketplace of applications is ultimately one of the key elements of Apple's success - including the clear possibility of another source of income. As the proportion of sales for applications, such as payments associated with their issues and use.

What will Facebook look like Phone? Sources close to the project talks about the interface to Facebook Facebook Phone will look very close to that already can be seen on Apple iOS - on the iPhone and the iPad. HTC was one long innovators in mobile phones, even a rocket of success in recent years has recently been faced with problems. For next year itself speaks about the HTC plans to bring the phone with Facebook integration and a certain "experience" can be found at the end in the form of HTC ChaCha and Salsa. 
Source Facebook Phone is also interesting and dates back about a year and a half back. According to AllThingsD ( The Facebook Phone: The "Slayer" That Was not ) allocated to Facebook 'Facebook Phone' a separate team, which placed outside the company and access to the premises was restricted to people involved in the project. Finally, but just happen to one of the issues of confidentiality and separation from normality and style of the company would raise tensions and animosity. The original codename for this project was "Social Layer" and after some time has been shortened to the "Slayer" - and hence the codename for the latest. "Buffy" is not as "violent" and not give rise to negative emotions.
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