March 4, 2011

Animus: The inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious "You"

There is something very magical experience of "love". Psychologically, their function is the feeling (water element) that is activated when two lovers first met. Emotions and the explosion of sparks that ignite a passion and incomparable happiness. When you're with this person who is "in heaven", so to speak. And when you're away from them, they are longing for the next meeting and is a poignant anguish replacing ordinary consciousness. Like the song says, "From Suddenly life has new meaning for me", and are made in the realm of the gods (archetypes). In our Indian culture, our movies give us many examples of this experience - as we all yearn for it.

We call wrongly, that love, and many are looking for their other half, their "soul mate". We believe that this is what we complete, and that magic is what we feel we must take into consideration that we really value another person. As you'll see once you understand the nature of "Anima" and "Animus" is only the beginning of a meeting with our unconscious.

Many times we fall in love and to be involved in a very fit, destructive, and Seoul, destroy relationships, but also shows us aspects of the shadow. To grow and be a whole person, we need to know what is really happening to us. When someone is "coming to us" (as the book market being called), one must ask, is it love or just a projection? Two people who do not know until that time has given them a chance to see who the other person really is - and that requires honesty and self-expression.

There is no other way to see these parts of us, so it is inevitable that they will be evaluated. Drunkenness and the intensity of the clues that we are part of the projection. Ordinary people do not wake up in the immediate passion, that "love at first sight" wakes up.

Now, over time, it is inevitable that these predictions are about to fall. I'm really so we'll see who the other person really is, and refers to a real person instead of a god or goddess (the symbiotic extension of themselves). When a relationship reaches this stage unknown, many people are dependent on a high start to look around outside of marriage or primary partnership, if they have a level of maturity is still Puer Aeternus puella or stage of consciousness. This is the archetype of Peter Pan, the eternal young child, if we want to be a mirror on the other hand, people in our lives. Many of the reports at this stage, the alchemical and start over with someone else. Some people marry the person you feel love, and disappointed when they discover that they are married to a person who is not what they thought.

Moreover, if both parties are committed to their relationship, growth and consciousness, when it is expected to dissipate, is an opportunity comes for two people. Now you can discover and embrace their missing halves. This is not an easy task because you have to work and often involves a painful encounter with oneself. In his book Mysterium Coniunctionis, Jung said that the experience of self is always a defeat for the ego, but the death of the ego (the self as you know) may be reborn in its own completion projections are returned.

The return value of our projections is that now we can see and accept our partners for who they are - not what they wanted, not what we want to become not so we can give but what they are. The love that can now be developed between the two partners is deeper because it is real. True love, unlike the projection, the willingness to see and support another person to be its own independent identity. This is what they try to unravel the parents of dream-mirror of ourselves, we are always always looking to be filled by another person, we will not allow their own autonomy.

Runa as "partnership", which describes two separate beings and all - is equal to the true meaning of the word - can help everyone to feel their own union with the divine rather than go through projective identification with your partner. As love between them grows and spreads throughout the cosmos, this kind of love given to each member of her freedom - the greatest gift of all. As the duo Barbra Streisand and 'Celine Dion' professed love is the gift you give.

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