March 12, 2011

Googlers to Webmasters: Remove Poor Content Now.

Google's latest algorithm has come to be known as "updating farmer," but Google calls it as "Panda". Unlike many pandas are lazy and mostly just looking forward to eating leaves eucalyptus, this creation is feisty Google and bloodthirsty - demote sites it considers "low quality" left and right. But when you use an expression such as quality, a number of subjective factors come into play, it is difficult to know how to avoid being "low quality" because Google does not tell us in detail what that means. While industry analysts and experts have reviewed the results, but they found few things you can do for your post-Panda "site more successful.

The first thing webmasters must remember is that sites of low quality will affect all sites on a domain. Although it is difficult to say exactly what that means, here are a few things to avoid:

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  • Duplicate the contents of the pages from another site.

  • Content that has many errors in spelling or grammar.

  • Pages which have been particularly poor record in terms of analytics. You should check your bounce rate, time on the page, etc., to determine which pages are of poor performance.

  • Content that has a content relationship between advertising that is heavy on the ads.

  • When you find bad content is the best option for renewal - creating more value, nail, and keep all of your content. If it is not possible, or at least not reasonable, then, Google has said that the contents either destroyed or sent to another domain. This advice comes from none other than Michael Wyszomierski, project manager at Google, and former strategist of Search quality.

    Google uses mathematics to total an already difficult to understand the concept (quality) and it is difficult to say exactly what "markers" they seek. However, focusing on original content, based on the value is clear - although it is far from perfect at this early stage.

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