March 18, 2011

Twitter started fighting with unofficial clients

Around Twitter is happening a lot lately. Recently, they were quite surprised by the users of informal client applications, operators Twitter is temporarily cut off. It seems that Twitter now has declared war on third-party applications, which in many popular applications, users probably will not like it. 

At first glance this might seem quite strange and incomprehensible - Twitter has stopped like a third-party applications, recently some of them even cut off time. Twitter is a popular microblogging service, which has enjoyed massive popularity thanks to the fact that independent developers have prepared numerous applications for different platforms and different functions. Client chose everyone, whether they wanted to use a desktop client or mobile phones for all sorts of applications. Application of several thousand, some have become very popular, others fit into oblivion, and should be used only their authors.

Those who used the company's clients UberMedia , recently waited to see unpleasant surprises . They were unable to retrieve or send one tweet, were cut off from the world. Twitter does have its official application for those who want to use a Web version or a mobile version, but unofficial clients were widespread due to its diversity. It is clear that not everyone conforms to a user interface and the same function.
UberSocial company responded quickly to the cutoff, renamed its clients and adapt to the requirements of Twitter. Outage lasted several hours and nothing really terrible happened. Twitter says among other things mattered, that the names of clients found the word "Twitter", which is understandable. Even Facebook is, after all this trying to protect their trademark.

Do not use un-official applications

Now Twitter harder and said that he does not want other developers programmed a new client application. Twitter users should use only official said products of Twitter, that's a major and unprecedented statement. People from Twitter started to say that about 90% of users as their tweets writes from official applications, whether web, mobile or for different clients for different operating systems and mobile platforms. The fact that they are also popular unofficial application shows that not everyone is with what has made ​​him happy Twitter.
Analytical Society Sysomos tries to show that it is not so, that would be the official Twitter product used nine out of ten users. Researchers took to fly about 25 million tweets with dated 11 March and watched where they were sent tweets. Yes, you can argue that not all tweets sent that day and that are not reflected by those who just read the tweets. Yes, this is obviously true, but for the purpose of this metric is sufficient. Sysomos showed that as much as 42% of tweets from unofficial applications. So no 10%, but more than four times as much. That's a decent difference, despite the fact that even those "official" 10% is certainly not a negligible market share.

Now the applications that have been cut off months ago, happen to be very popular. And it was even more pronounced in the summer in TweetDeck for example, was at 19.9% ​​now, according to analysis of just over 5%. But it is clear that the proportion of third-party applications is definitely not so small and insignificant, as claimed by Twitter itself. What bothers Twitter? Of course he wants to have his flock under control, perhaps the path for going a little stronger monetization. She wants to ensure that the most tweet studied in its environment so that users not run away, where the money from the ads make any right of the foreign application.

Interestingly, more tweetují just those who use unofficial applications. But we can hardly say that the cutoff occurs outflow of active users, it would be a little far-fetched. And a third-party applications often offer something extra, analytical tools, shortening links or inserting media. We therefore look forward to such interest of users, offer something extra. Twitter would be probably a lot of work if they wanted to make up for this loss, various functions in addition to unofficial clients really enough. And it is not the function itself, but of course, decide the user interface, the user has a different view on how it should look like your ideal client.

The hunt for developers

So developers are out of luck, this is also true for people who come to the huge range of options to work with Twitter. Authors Twitter might forget that the developers may owe a bit of its success, since it is precisely this diversity of perspective Twiteru much help.
Twitter recorded two years ago more than half the tweets of unofficial applications, the drivers for the last time gaining a larger proportion, though not such as would you like Twitter.
History shows that formal applications for different platforms soon completely missing and developers to fill the hole in the market in those cases where users could not even choose a formal application. That is where people should kiss the Twitter developers hands and praise them for it, that Twitter also made available to those who would be at him from its establishments via the official application had no chance.

What's next

What next? The ratio of unofficial applications will decrease. First, because with Twitter and trying to work their official versions. Then, because the developers have aborted the news.
Another reason may be various restrictions from Twitter to be similar to those weaned on popular TweetDeck time, UberTwitter and other products from the stable one. Now it may be a gradual reduction very likely alternatives. The State may also the fact that Twitter simply cut off all applications. This would be a radical solution, but very simple and unprecedented. We'll see.
Anyway, Twitter sucks a lot of its users. Still, there is a large percentage of users that have a web version of Twitter, an official application did not rely.

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